(YAHR-mull-keh) [Yiddish, from Polish, Ukrainian] A small, round skullcap worn by males during Jewish religious ceremonies, and by some Orthodox or Conservative Jews during prayer and religious study. Also called a kipa.
   she stars in it wearing a pillbox-contoured designer yarmulkeThe New York Times, November 18, 1983.

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  • yarmulke — (n.) 1903, from Yiddish yarmulke, from Pol. jarmuЕ‚ka, originally a skullcap worn by priests, perhaps ultimately from M.L. almutia cowl, hood …   Etymology dictionary

  • yarmulke — [yär′məl kə, yä′məl kə] n. [E Yiddish yarmulke < Pol jarmułka, orig., a skullcap worn as by priests < earlier ja murka, ult. < ML almutia, cowl, hood] a skullcap variously worn by Jewish men and boys, esp. when at prayer or study, at… …   English World dictionary

  • yarmulke — (also yarmulka) ► NOUN ▪ a skullcap worn in public by Orthodox Jewish men or during prayer by other Jewish men. ORIGIN Yiddish …   English terms dictionary

  • yarmulke — UK [ˈjɑː(r)mʊlkə] / US [ˈjɑrməlkə] noun [countable] Word forms yarmulke : singular yarmulke plural yarmulkes a small round hat worn by Jewish men …   English dictionary

  • yarmulke — {{#}}{{LM Y45278}}{{〓}} {{[}}yarmulke{{]}} ‹yar·mul·ke› {{《}}▍ s.m.{{》}} Bonete semiesférico que usan los judíos, especialmente para las ceremonias religiosas: • Tengo un vecino judío que siempre lleva en la cabeza su yarmulke de ganchillo.{{○}}… …   Diccionario de uso del español actual con sinónimos y antónimos

  • Yarmulke — Kippa Kippa und Menora Die Kippa (selten auch: Kipa oder Kippah, hebr. כִּפָּה / Pl. Kippot, jiddisch: יאַרמלקע, yarmulke oder קאפל, Kappel) ist eine vornehmlich in Ausübung der Religion gebräuchliche Kopfbedeckung des jüdis …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • yarmulke — noun /ˈjɑːməlkə,ˈjɑɹməlkə/ A skullcap worn by religious Jewish males (especially during prayer). But once Dr. Levenson, who works for the Indian Health Service and wears a colorful tapestry yarmulke, has alerted the tiny network, it almost seems… …   Wiktionary

  • yarmulke — noun Etymology: Yiddish yarmlke, from Polish jarmułka & Ukrainian yarmulka skullcap, of Turkic origin; akin to Turkish yağmurluk rainwear Date: 1903 a skullcap worn especially by Orthodox and Conservative Jewish males in the synagogue and the… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • yarmulke — /yahr meuhl keuh, meuh , yah /, n. Judaism. a skullcap worn, esp. during prayer and religious study, by Jewish males, esp. those adhering to Orthodox or Conservative tradition. Also, yarmelke, yarmulka. [1940 45; < Yiddish yarmlke < Polish… …   Universalium

  • yarmulke — yar|mul|ke [ˈja:mulkə US ˈja:r ] n [Date: 1900 2000; : Yiddish; Origin: Ukrainian and Polish jarmulka] a small circular cap worn by some Jewish men …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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